How To Clean Your Wrap Ring!


Maintenance is hard...

Knowing how to clean your jewelry can be awfully difficult. Everything is made with such different, specific materials, and there are barely ever any markings to infer what metals and stones went into each piece. Well, when it comes to wrap ring, we’ve got you!


Jewelry gets tarnished, as does everything. Whether you’ve been wearing your wrap ring in the park, the club, or even if it’s just been sitting in it’s handcrafted Rossi box, your wrap ring will need a little love every now and then to make sure it’s at its brightest and shiniest.

Those Shining Stones...

Our stones are made with genuine SWAROVSKI Cubic Zirconium (check branding guide on rules), while the chain is created using sterling silver that has been plated with rhodium in order to diminish tarnishing. Most sterling silver will tarnish quickly, but since the Wrap Ring’s chain is plated with rhodium, it will be a minimum of months before you have to clean your wrap ring in most cases.

Tools of the Trade

All you need is a simple jewelry cloth, which you can get online (link Amazon), from your local jeweler, or even from most general stores. However if you’re in need of a quick fix, the same cloth you use for eyeglasses or a camera lens will work wonders. If you’re going to do this, please don’t use the spray that comes with that cloth! The cloth itself will suffice for a quick clean, but for a deeper cleanse a genuine jeweler’s cloth is recommended.

You're All Set!

And that’s it! Just a quick polish with a jewelry cloth will do the trick, and if you have any further questions about cleaning or anything Wrap Ring please feel free to check out our FAQ or email

Peace, Love, and Happy Wrapping