Wrap Ring is Made With Rossi


As we gear up for the holidays, we had a little reflection on what makes Wrap Ring run so smoothly. In addition to our dedicated, creative team, there are so many parts of Wrap Ring that we don’t get to show off more often. For those who have received a Wrap Ring, you know your special piece of jewelry comes in it’s own signature keepsake box. It’s perfect for travel, storage and decoration!

Wrapped In Love And Luxury

That brings us to a component that we are thankful for: Rossi 1931 Florentine Paper. All of our Wrap Ring boxes and pencils are kindly wrapped in the beautiful Florentine paper to make these components extra memorable. The detail and care that goes into the hand-printed paper is beautiful and it’s like having a little bit of history in each of our products. Everyone loves a little extra time and effort in their delivery, even it isn’t a gift!

What Makes Wrap Ring Whole

In addition to our Italian stationery find, other amazing components of Wrap Ring are the 925 luxury sterling silver, Genuine ZIRCONIA from SWAROVSKI and lots of innovation from the team! With our squad's collectively unique experiences in jewelry design, development, & manufacturing, we knew that we could accomplish something that has never been seen before. Let’s not us forget all of our influencers and iconic queens who have been such creative muses on this journey.

Never stop wrapping, we mean exploring for your next collaboration or inspiration. Every successful project should get a little love from all the components that make it whole! The holiday season starts to warm us up and makes us think of all those we are thankful for. Don’t forget to thank your BFFs or team because the only way to have good friends is to be one! There is a Wrap Ring or special gift for each and every one of your helpers or team players.