The Royal Collection


Celebrate your royalty

What is royalty?

We've named our inaugaral collection the "Royal Collection", but what is royalty exactly? Is it queen Elizabeth II with her permanent look of discontent, silly hats, and royal hand-wave? Is it the future of British aristocracy with Will and Kate’s baby prince? Is it the feeling you get when listening to a Beyoncé song right before going out? Or is it wearing the hottest new jewelry and showing it off to the world? We’re gonna go with a combination of the last two 🙌 🐝 🙌 We believe that feeling good and being yourself is royalty. That if you can be positive about yourself and wave your hand in the face of the haters, everything will be a-okay.

You are!

Let’s give em some extra flash with that hand, courtesy of wrap ring’s debut ‘royal’ collection. Celebrate your royalty with us. Each of our rings has been designated a name belonging to the aristocratic women of history (sadly, no Beyoncé yet). Because for us, royalty isn’t about where you were born or how much money you have. It’s not about your skin color or your birthright. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own body, enjoying life, and persevering. We’ve made sure our product is as affordable as possible, because everyone deserves to feel like royalty.

Royalty is all around you... in fact, it is you!

Peace, Love and Happy Wrapping