Award Show Glamour and Glitz


Throughout the ages of Hollywood Glamour, the award show season has grown bigger and brighter than ever before. It is a great way for brands to expand on styling celebrities and television personalities in their finest gowns, jewelry and, even, hair and makeup. It is a beautiful way to see fashion brands mix into the film and music industry.

Red Carpet-Ready

Some celebrities are going against the norm, and embracing the NORMAL, everyday brands. Even Allison Williams sported anAvon beauty routine that brought out her true Hollywood Glamour-look. She graced the red carpets with her head held just as high as if it was embellished with a high-end makeup line. That is why Wrap Ring tries to make our jewelry as luxurious as possible with an affordable price tag. Looking and feeling luxurious doesn’t need to cost a fortune! Even Chrissy Teigen sported BaubleBar costume jewelry at a recent event. Check out one of our favorite, timeless pairs of new earrings that embody old-meets-new Hollywood.

Let Them Eat Sparkle!

We are in the midst of true Hollywood greatness, and personally love embarking on the journey with the stars. From watching the stars in the movies and the interviews about filming and getting into character, to the award shows their speeches. Watching these glamazons strut their style and passion for acting is a beautiful spectacle, and one that we look forward to each year!

What are some of your favorite award shows to take part in? Us at Wrap Ring will personally looks forward to viewing the Oscar’s with a bowl of popcorn in hands, and gazing at all the celebs on their Insta Stories before, during and after the event! P.S. Have you seen the Oscar nominations list?!