Calling All Jewelry Obsessed!


While designing new jewelry and marketing towards our customers, we like to take a step back and get inspired by to her jewelry bloggers! Everyone needs a muse or creative influence of some sort from time to time. These jewelry mavens know just about everything about jewelry either through collaborations or experience in the jewelry industry. It is great to be able to rely on bloggers or magazines for what is in style! Speaking of have you seen Wrap Ring’s feature in the Style section of!

It’s important when looking for reliable sources, to check if they cover an assortment of brands, gemstones and price points. No one likes a subjective blogger because then readers will only one side of the gemstone world! The gemstone galaxy is a large one to say the least, and finding the best quality, affordability and luxury in the midst of that galaxy can be difficult. We hope that Wrap Ring is one of your go-to blogs for jewelry advice and trends.

Who Can We Turn To?

There are other bloggers that we fully put our shimmering trust in! Try Gem Gossip for example! She takes you through jewelry trends and photographs the perfect amount gemstones that would make your heart skip a beat! Another great jewelry blogger, is Philly local, Megan and her blog, Honest Twenty One, and she has been known to show off her jewelry collaboration as well.

The jewelry world can be as fun as a candy store, and the best part about jewelry is you can’t have enough, just like candy! Sometimes it can be taxing looking for the best sources, but fear not, you’ve made it to Wrap Ring. We’ve got your back, and all the gemstones are waiting for you to pick! Don’t forget to explore our other blog posts that dive into cleaning your jewelry and much more...