DIY Costumes For Every Royal


It’s officially starting to feel like fall with Halloween decorations adorning every doorstep and a captivating, eerie air that makes us feel like Michael Jackson is going to jump out and dance to Thriller. No matter if you are obsessed with the holiday or if you’re more interested in getting treats (we hear ya!), these costume recommendations are perfect for you! Feel free to mix and match or pull inspiration from everyone of of these styles. Come here for captivating advice- Wrap Ring not included.

Bewitching Costumes

Need to dress the part for a bewitching Halloween party? To feel spellbound try out the Catherine in black and black. Your Halloween, and everyday, will be enchanting just like the beginning of fall when the air becomes crisp! Match this look with a dramatic cape and witch hat, or just a leather jacket and broom for a modern-day spin.

Have a pair of cat ears to flaunt? Try out Anne in white/pink, and why not get creative and make your own cat ears to change it up? You’ll feel transformed and mysterious in this style because your true self is just like Josie from Riverdale.

Wild at heart?

Try a rockstar vibe for your costume as a Kiss band-member or David Bowie with a full face of glamorous makeup for an impossibly free and hardcore feel for the holiday, or everyday. Come prepared with leather and sequins for the complete look. This look requires a full assortment of wrap rings including mixing colors such as the pink and purple Isabella or Catherine in pink and green. It’s the perfect holiday to go all out, so rock out, ASAP.

Trying to scare people with antenna and silver make up? Let’s go for the Elizabeth in purple/green. It’s out of this world! Another great way to get a scare out of your friends, is to go for the skull and crossbones look. Embrace the Day of the Dead holiday and go for a full face of makeup to contour your face into a walking (beautiful) bag of bones.

Some people don’t need to play dress up. Some are true royalty everyday and don't need a crown, but why not try one out for Halloween? Try out the Isabella in white/purple for a regal, yet trendy look. Your royal costume should require only the best crown and sparkles. No matter which DIY costume you choose, you'll charm all with your rings.