Fifty Fav Winter Festivities


The New Year has arrived with the winter chill! Along with the winter wind, comes the arrival of new products such as earrings and new inspiration.

The beauty of winter has bloomed with icicles, snowflakes and many winter activities.

Here are a few of our favorites!

1. Making snow angels

2. Cold, crisp air

3. Hot apple cider

4. Fuzzy Socks

5. Wrap Rings and winter gloves

6. Snow days

7. Fuzzy blankets

8. Netflix marathons

9. Hot Chocolate and whipped cream

10. Winter Fashion

11. Hiding in oversized, cozy Sweaters

12. New Year’s resolutions

13. Sitting by a fire

14. Marshmallows

15. Making cookies

16. Tights and leggings for days

17. Winter escapes to a warm destination

18. Peppermint bark

19. Homemade soup and chilli

20. Candy canes

21. Ice skating

22. Rosy cheeks

23. Winter boots

24. Lots of string light and candles

25. Fondue

26. Chinese New Year

27. Valentine’s Day

28. Hot tubs

29. The sun’s reflection on fresh snow

30. Skiing, snowboarding and tubing

31. Knitting

32.Curling up with a good book

33. No mosquitoes and bees

34. Arts and crafts

35. Having snowball fights

36. Presents and shopping

37. Heated car seats

38. Apres Ski

39. Spending time with family and friends

40. Long hugs

41. Mistletoe

42. New Year’s kisses

43. The smell of a fire

44. Sledding in the neighborhood

45. Christmas and Hanukkah

46. Fruit cake- said no one ever!

47. Winter Super Moon

48. Mercury being OUT of retrograde!

49. Dogs in sweaters

50. New Beginnings