Fifty Fav Summer Activities


Something wicked this way comes, and we are NOT ready for it! Before you start putting away your floppy hats and beach cover ups, you must take advantage of the summer weather and outside hobbies!

Summer Favorites

We've compiled a list of 50 summer favorites that we will miss! Fear not, we still have many more weeks of warm weather to come. Even if you're heading off back-to-school, you enjoy these summer activities.

1. The Smell of the Ocean Breeze

2. Fireworks

3. Dance Parties with Friends for No Reason

4. Bonfires and Making S’mores

5. Eating Ice Cream at Any Time of Day

6. Beach Hair

7. Not Waiting in Line for Ice Cream

8. Summer Fridays

9. Later Sunsets

10. Last Minute Plans with Friends

11. Barbecuing

12. NOT Mosquito Bites

13. Making Sand Castles

14. Slumber Parties

15. Drive-in Movie Nights

16. Trips to the Farmers Market

17. Firefly Watching

18. Watching Lightning Storms from a Patio

19. Laying in the Grass

20. Not Reading Your Summer Reading Lists

21. Unexpected Rainstorms

22. Staycations in Your Backyard

23. Family Vacations

24. Driving with the Windows Rolled Down

25. The Smell of Citronella and Sunblock

26. Running Around the Backyard Barefoot

27. Printed Beach Towels

28. Playing Games Outside

29. Cherry Picking

30. Water Balloon Fights

31. Making Your Own Sundaes

32. Roller Coaster Rides

33. Seasonal Ice Cream Flavors

34. Water Parks

35. Boardwalk Strolls

36. Finding a Secret Trail to Hike

37. Picnics

38. Board Games Outside

39. String Lights on the Patio

40. Giant Pool Floats

41. Diving Board Tricks

42. Mixing and Matching Your Bathing Suits (And Wrap Rings)

43. Homemade Lemonade

44. The Sound of Crickets Outside

45. Streaming New TV Shows with Friends

46. Trying to Stay Aboard Your Kayak/ Paddle Board

47. Falling Asleep Under the Stars

48. Wildflowers Everywhere!

49. Your Favorite Summer Playlists

50. Back to School Shopping (for Wrap Rings)

If you have any favorite activities that you'd like to share, give us a shout out on Instagram!