Wrap Ring <3 Heavy Metal Vibes


If you thought that foil, fluorescents and galactic inspiration was out, you were wrong. This eighties trend is back, and we aren’t upset about it. Silver and metallic shades of steel, gold and rose gold are all the rage. We are joining in on this rage! Don’t think you can incorporate this trend, or think it looks a little dated and gaudy? Then, you came to the right blog!

The Fall/Winter ‘17-’18 Runways

During Fashion Week Fall/Winter 17/18 we saw designs from Bottega Veneta to Chanel sporting all sorts of silver. These whimsical additions give a little life in the dreary winter cold, and we highly recommend adding some to your life. There isn’t much greenery and sunshine this Winter, so bring the glisten to the table in a fresh, modern way. Saint Laurent incorporated the metallic trend with a navy, sheen dress accompanied by ruffles, and Versace went for a golden-glam approach with fringe and accentuating wraps. These looks are available in an inexpensive approach, and won’t make you stand out like a sore, metallic-coated thumb.

In Addition to the Glisten

Another trend for this winter season is those puffy jackets, so feel free to add some feather-down to your attire. Adding some padding, pleats and patterns will help you rock this trend like you were made to do so! We aren’t saying to walk around in foil wrap, be very careful on your winter metallic picks; we wouldn’t want you to look like the Tin Man from “The Wizard of Oz”. A simple, glistening wrap dress or wrap top is a delicate way to incorporate sterling silver.

Whether you go full heavy metal or add a slight glimmer of silver, a Wrap Ring makes the perfect pairing with this trend! Even if you are going for the gold, (who else is excited about the Winter Games 2018?!) a Wrap Ring makes an alluring accent. This silver trend certainly adds a touch of glamour and poise to any outfit. Can u see the everyday elegance, now?!