Made With Swarovski


Swarovski Cubic Zirconia

The parts that make us

For Wrap Ring, we decided that only the best could do, and when it comes to stones, no one does better than Swarovski Company. Their cubic zirconium shine brighter than the north star and cut sharper than a knife. What makes Swarovski so great? For one, experience, they’ve been in the jewelry game longer than almost anyone else, and have held strong through market turnovers that saw other jewelers fade out into the sky. Since the 19th century, Swarovski has been absolutely crushing the crystal game, staying the tried and true brand of crystal for the entire globe.

A fashion staple

A Family owned company that has consistently been the face of crystal for the past century. Nearly every supermodel has adorned him or herself with Swarovski at one point or another, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in Fashion who hasn’t heard of them. A gem that rarely scratches and keeps its shine for days: Wrap Ring is proud to have been MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA.

Peace, Love, and Happy Wrapping