Welcome Anne!


Introducing Anne!


Our Anne line is custom made for the trendsetters. Named for Queen Anne, the first monarch of the Kingdom of Great Britain and the only woman to ever hold that title. Queen Anne was the beginning of a centuries-long empire. A leader has to know when to be cruel and when to be kind (and when to be both!). Anne’s sharp triangle edges boast confidence, sass, and ambition. Her smaller, circle gem embodies honesty, altruism, and empathy. Together these attributes form to make the perfect leader.


What leadership qualities do you have? When do you find yourself filling the role of a leader? When do you find yourself speaking your mind the most? When you wear Queen Anne’s Wrap Ring, believe in yourself and your confidence. Find the well of energy within you that inspires you to get up, go to school, and conquer all obstacles that come your way.If your feeling particularly confident, make sure to share your Wrap Ring story on Instagram with a #wrapring for a chance to be featured in our gallery!

Peace, Love, and Happy Wrapping