Welcome Elizabeth!


Introducing Elizabeth!

A Diamond in the Rough

Our Elizabeth style is marked by a large diamond-shaped Swarovski gem and a smaller, circular one. One sharp crystal, and one sleek: the line and the curve, two simple forms that make up virtually every piece of art and architecture ever created. It makes sense that Elizabeth’s reign, known as the Elizabethan Age, was one of the greatest eras of art that the world has ever known, and it was during this time the majority of William Shakespeare’s plays were produced.

A Leader

For her leadership and the timeless art produced under her reign, we’ve named this style for Queen Elizabeth I. We strive for novelty in jewelry, and believe that we have created a ring that is unlike any that have come before. Elizabeth is the embodiment of creativity; wear this wrap ring while you’re doodling in your notebook during class or if you just need a creative boost to get you through an assignment. Going to school with a Wrap Ring is just one way to show your creativity and drive, the rest is up to you! Make sure to share all of the creative activities you get up to with a #wrapring on Instagram!

Peace, Love, and Happy Wrapping