Welcome Mary!


Introducing Mary!

The Shape of Something Great

Mary is the shining rectangle of the Wrap Ring inaugural collection. She represents one of our more unconventional pairings, and we love her all the more for it. Mary constitutes two genuine zirconia stones manufactured by Swarovski®, one a vertical rectangle shape and the other a small circular stone, both resting on a metal 925 Sterling Silver chain.

The Wrap Ring Mary style is for the thinkers, the smart and ambitious who let their actions speak for themselves. Her striking dichotomy of lines and circles playing off each other brings to mind Mondrian’s De Stijl paintings, both so novel and classic at the same time that they have been heralded as one of the artistic leaps of the early 20th century. Mary is tailor-made for the calculated, cool, and logical. The Slytherins and Ravenclaws, the ones who don’t need the spotlight in order to feel special.

A Leader

Queen Mary, or as she’s best known, “Bloody Mary”, was a woman with a mission. Nothing stood in her way and she was determined to be Queen no matter what the cost. Whether it be taking the throne from her sister in law or her cousin, Mary would have fit well into the cast of Game of Thrones.

Whether you’re studying, singing, or playing sports. It’s always a good idea to have Mary in your corner. She’s a boost of confidence, a mark of your ambition, and a sign that you won’t let anything get in the way of your dreams.

With six different colors to choose from, Mary can be wrapped and displayed in a multitude of ways. You can let everyone know you’re a rebel on team Mary with a #wrapring on Instagram

Peace, Love, and Happy Wrapping