Welcome Isabella!


Introducing Isabella!

A Leader

Isabella was one of the greatest rulers of the Spanish Empire, occupying the throne from the late 15th to early 16th centuries. Her benevolent rule drastically reduced crime and rebalanced an uncertain economy. For better or worse, she shaped the new world by funding the voyage of Christopher Columbus that ended in the discovery of North America.


Our Isabella line reflects the balance that Queen Isabella attempted to bring to the Spanish empire under her reign. Two pear shapes face each other, perfect reflections across an invisible mirror. Together they work in harmony, much like the yin and yang of ancient Chinese philosophy. While the traditional yin/yang history lies in the balance between light and dark, it can be applied to many dualities.


Do you feel that sometimes you want to go out with friends, yet other times you prefer to stay inside? For you, one pear can represent your extrovert nature, while the other indicates your introvert predilections. Whatever your individual duality may be, let every time you look at your wrap ring be a reminder of the peace and serenity afforded to you by having two different elements meet in a wrapped embrace on your finger. Make sure to share all of the creative activities you get up to with a #wrapring on Instagram!

Peace, Love, and Happy Wrapping